Turn Your Customer Feedback into 5 Star Reviews

Start Generating Reviews In 4 Easy Steps


Step 1

Start by deciding how your customer will receive their Review Request - by Email or Phone.  Then either enter in their email address, or mobile phone number, and their name.


That's it - zero technical skill required and all over in a matter of seconds!  Yap About will get to work and send the request to your customer....

Step 2

Customers receive a simple text message asking for feedback.

Or if you've sent an email, they'll receive a professional template email from you with your details and links to click on to leave you a review on the sites you've chosen.


Step 3

Customers click through to the Feedback request.

Your recent customer responds sharing their experience with your company, and based on predetermined settings, are routed to the review sites you care about or for unhappy customers, to a branded service recovery form!

Step 4

Positive responders are immediately asked to leave a review on top sites like Google, or Facebook.

The Yap About system automatically launches the application or page instantly on your customer's mobile device or desktop browser.


Negative responders are kept inside the system and directed to a survey form allowing them to share their experience with just you.

Our proven feedback funnel catches a potential negative review and alerts you to an issue before they show up online as a 1 star review.


Finally, an easy way to get customer feedback - and I barely have to lift a finger!