Are Your Reviews Driving your customers away?


Do you know Why Customer Reviews are a Game Changer?

Because, let's face it, no salesman, employee or marketer is going to be as trusted or persuasive as a real-life customer’s review of your business.

Reviews contain the benefits and features of your business that customers care about, in a language they understand and trust. 

After all, employees are paid and Facebook ads are made to say your business is THE BEST choice. That creates a lack of trust in both your employees and any of your ads.

You know what consumers do trust?

The words of your customers who received nothing for sharing their experience with you.

Provided you've built a positive online presence (the foundation of your Reputation Marketing) and are visible when people search for your type of business, your online reviews are the decider of whether or not you get a new customer OR lose another customer to your more customer-admired competitor.

They're either heading towards you or away from you!!!

Check these Customer Review Facts out:

  • 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. –
  • 97% of Business to Business buyers said that user-generated content, like user reviews, is more credible than other types of content. –
  • 40% of buyers form an opinion of a business after reading just 1-3 reviews. –
  • 72% of buyers will take action only after reading a positive review. –
  • Customers spend 31% more with a business that has “excellent” reviews. –
  • 44% of consumers say a review must be written within one month to be considered relevant. –
  • 89% of users will make a purchase within one week of reading reviews. –

At this point, you should be convinced that you need to continuously encourage your customers to give you feedback so you can get your best reviews online promoting your business where it matters most.

That might sound like a lot of work, but technology rides to the rescue once again with ways to AUTOMATE getting those coveted reviews.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to automatically handle everything from gathering reviews and weeding out dissatisfied customers to promoting only the best reviews?

I’d suggest using Yap About, but I may be biased.  :)

The trick is to remember to keep asking for those reviews, only then can your customers become your greatest marketers!

So there are a couple of FREE ways to do this.... can send an email to your customer with a link on the bottom of it which drives them to your Facebook page.  Or you can do the same with a link to your Google Profile so that they can leave a review for you on Google.  In fact, if you have accounts set up with the likes of True Local, Product Review etc... you can add those links in too.

The problem with the FREE ways is that you're sending them to customers via Email..... which in today's fast paced world has nowhere near the success rate of SMS messages. 

Did you know that Emails only have a 20% open rate? 

Compared to SMS messages which sit at 98%...????.  

And get this - 90% of people open SMS messages within 3 minutes.... which is perfect if you want a customer to jump on a message and act whilst your service is still fresh in their mind.

So have a think about those statistics. 

Are you asking your customers for reviews regularly? 

And if so are you doing it by the most effective means possible - SMS?  If you're not then maybe it's time to check out how Yap About could work for you. 

Penny Clements